Monday, September 1, 2008

I heart the Alamo Drafthouse!

Do you ever wonder where the Alamo Drafthouse gets its hilarious shorts and commercials played before the main attraction?  I'm not talking about the actual previews advertising upcoming studio releases.  I'm talking about the funny, sometimes scary shorts they dredge up from the vaults.  
The other day my significant other and I decided to go see the Patti Smith documentary "Dream of Life" at the Alamo South.  The movie could be a post in itself.  It was beautifully shot, but very dark and disjointed throughout most of the documentary.  Patti seemed to be in an eternal drug-induced state, messed up hair and all.  
The shorts beforehand were what made the experience memorable.  One short featured a Tony Bennett look alike singing really badly while a scantily clad 60's girl danced in the background.  I think the song was called "Scorpio."  Next up was a hilarious break dancing montage straight out of the 80's.   I was told that the Alamo frequently gets random footage mailed to them and the management decides which reels make the cut to be included in the pre-show entertainment.  
Sifting through all of the footage would be one of the best jobs ever.  
I also love the "public service announcements" which let you know that talking will not be tolerated during the movie.  My favorite is the one featuring Chuck Norris.  "Don't talk during the movie or Chuck Norris will choke you unconscious."
The shorts are just one of the many reasons I enjoy the Alamo Drafthouse, especially the South location.  The food is good (especially the veggie burger and their pizzas), they have a pretty good beer selection (hello...Arrogant Bastard ale on draft!), and the service is also good.  Plus, in addition to the latest releases, they also feature more obscure and original movies that you can't see anywhere else.  These days I don't want to go anywhere else.  Why would I?  Beer and food while watching a movie.  
I heart the Alamo!

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