Monday, September 29, 2008

Die Mosquitos, Die!!!

Today, between my classes, I decided to venture outside to thaw out my extremities from the tundra-like atmosphere of the Ragsdale building.  I thought to myself what a beautiful day it was and I should get out and enjoy it.   
I chose a spot under a tree, far away from any wafting cigarette smoke and loud people, and proceeded to begin enjoying the outside atmosphere (and to do some school work, of course).  As I typed away, enjoying the soothing sounds of a nearby waterfall, I noticed an itch, then another.  Mosquitoes, dammit!  Bloodsuckers!  When will they die?  Seriously, we've had hardly any rain this year.  It's almost Fall, for chrissakes!  
So, now here I sit, in the tundra, my feet and hands frozen solid.  Back to square one.  

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