Monday, September 15, 2008

The Woodland.

Last night, after attending a Democratic rally in Hyde Park, some friends and I headed over to The Woodland on South Congress for some food and half-priced bottles of wine.  Yes, that's right.  The Woodland offers all of the wines on their wine list for half price on Sundays.  What a deal!  The cool thing is that the wine list changes fairly frequently, giving you an opportunity to try a lot of different wines.  We started off with a Tempranillo and a yummy Syrah.  The Tempranillo was earthy and full-bodied with a hint of cherries and vanilla.  The Syrah was a little lighter and smoother, but definitely tasty.  We chose some food items that would accompany the wine.  Several people had the veggie burger, which i've had before.  They make their own veggie burger from nuts, seeds and grains.  It is delicious with a deep red color, prompting some of the vegetarians to question whether or not it was a veggie burger or a real one.  I opted for the grilled salmon with asparagus and shoestring potatoes.  The salmon was cooked perfectly and tasted great, especially when complimented by the smooth Syrah.  We finished off the night with a French Burgundy.  This wine was robust and delicious, and a bargain at $18.  
The Woodland also has some delicious signature cocktails that can't be missed.  One of my favorites is the SoCu, a gin martini infused with cucumber puree and garnished with a sprig of rosemary and cayenne pepper.  This drink is so good it's dangerous.  

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