Sunday, September 7, 2008

Social Schmocial

What is up with all of the social networking sites out there these days?  First I was on Friendster, then Myspace was the cool thing to do (I still like this one the best), now i've joined Facebook to keep up with all of my friends.  Plus, let's not forget Linkedin, Twitter and all the other countless sites out there.  It's hard to keep up with.  I know, I torture myself by joining these things.  
What really annoys me about Facebook is all the applications people send you.  "So and so sent you a flower.  Send a flower to 8 of your friends to get flower power!"  Seriously, I get about 10 of these every day.  I don't have time to send every one in the known universe a flower, a green plant, a Hershey's kiss, etc... The funniest?  "So and so sent you a limited edition kismet karma."  
I did find a lot of my old high school friends on there, so I guess it's not all bad.....I think.  
These are crazy times we live in. 

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