Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poster Art.

Lately, i've been helping out my partner by doing some managing and booking for her band Tribella.  The best part of this job is creating posters for their various gigs.  I also do posters for my band Las Damas as well.  I love to think about the gig and the venue and visualize a theme and color scheme unique to that particular show.  I've been doing this for a while with the bands i've played in throughout the years.  Back in the day (yes, i'm old) I used to create posters without a computer.  The old hands on approach.  I still love to create things that way, but as I become more familiar with graphic design, it's fun to challenge myself to try to recreate the vision in my head on the computer.  So far, I have been successful for the most part.  Although it is sometimes frustrating trying to figure out how to create something on Photoshop from scratch.  
Here are some examples of the fruits of my labor.   

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