Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Serie Project

Coasttown, Texas by Sodalitas
Serigraphy is the process of printmaking commonly referred to as screen-printing. The Serie Project, headed by Sam Coronado, an Austin Community College graphic design professor, is a non-profit Latino arts organization that produces serigraph prints created by up and coming and established artists. Each artist creates a serigraph print of one or several of their pieces of work and The Serie Project makes the art available to the public through a series of numbered, affordable prints. Some of the prints are also exhibited at various museums around the country. This service is provided at no cost to the artist.
Every year The Serie Project invites 15 to 18 artists to participate in the program. The artists are selected through a juror and referral system. The artist is then invited to Coronado Studios to work with a master screen-printer, learning how to create and produce a 50 edition run of their prints. Each year anywhere between 750 and 900 prints are produced.
While attending Mr. Coronado's graphic design class at Austin Community College, I had the opportunity to visit the studio on the east side of Austin. The studio, which is located in an inconspicuous old house, is also rented out to local artists and screen-printers for poster and t-shirt production. I saw a lot of colorful concert posters hanging on the wall created by some talented artists. So far, over 150 artists have participated in this program and many of the prints have been featured in museums and other venues across the United States and in the PBS feature Art Journeys.

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