Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Art of Nate Schnell

I wanted to write about Nate Schnell,  an up and coming Austin artist that i'm super excited about.  A couple of months ago I picked up a copy of Rare magazine, a really cool local magazine that features a wide array of things that have to do with Austin.  I always pick one up when it comes out.  Best of all, it's a free magazine!  You can find it at a lot of local Austin businesses.  What caught my eye about this particular issue (June 2008) was the amazing illustration featured on the front.  The piece depicted a bunch of abstract birds roosting on a tree within an eye-catching orange and green color scheme.  I immediately wanted to know who the artist was.  To my delight, more of his colorful illustrations were featured throughout the magazine.  
His drawings meld together screen printing, acrylic paint, pencil and ink to create beautiful representations of nature.  
You can view and purchase his work on  I hope one day to be able to afford a piece myself.  

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