Monday, March 22, 2010

SXSW Pre-Festivities

 Beautiful Supermachines at PureVolume SXSW

Like most people who really lived it up during SXSW (saw tons of bands and indulged in the free/and not-so-free booze), I am still recovering from last weeks festivities.

Everything started on Monday when we decided to check out the Pure Volume house.  It was a smart move, especially given the line for badges during the festival proper.  We just cruised on in and claimed our badges and our drink tickets.  This years venue was far superior to last years which was a little cramped and crowded at times.  We caught a little of the bearded Beautiful Supermachines before moving on to the Plutopia party at the Mexican Culture Building (the future home of the iHeartComix/NYC Jelly Carniville extravaganza).  We walked around and tried some delicious samples of Tito's Vodka (one of the smoothest vodkas out there, trust me), Dripping Springs Vodka, as well as yummy Texas microbrews from 512, St. Arnold's and Independence.  After that we walked over to the packed Mohawk show and decided to call it a night.

In retrospect, I wish that I had gone to the Fader Fort pre-party on Tuesday night.  The event featured Metric, who I missed during SXSW due to long lines (Thanks, Muse).

Seeing that I was saving up all my energy (and money) for SXSW proper, I didn't indulge in any of the other pre-parties, although some of them sounded awesome.

See my previous post for Day One SXSW Music highlights.

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