Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Last

 Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan

All week, I had been meaning to catch Japandroids, but I continued to miss them.  Until the last night.  It was 1 am, I was exhausted from 4 days of nonstop music and booze.
A friend and I wandered over from Red 7, where we had been lulled into a psychedelic frenzy by Woods and Real Estate, respectively.
Our destination?  The temporary venue known as The Galaxy Room on Sixth Street.  (side note:  Someone please make this a permanent Austin venue)
The band?  The two-piece Japandroids, also from Canada.  I started SXSW with the Canadian band Yukon Blonde, so why not finish it with Canadians?
They were amazing!  I've been digging on the CD for quite some time now, but the live show is where it's at.

When they launched into "Young Hearts Spark Fire" the whole place went insane, including myself.  Hell, people were even crowd surfing.
Whoah! We used to dream, but now we worry about dying.
I don't wanna worry about dying.  I just wanna worry about the sunshine girls.

The lyrics perfectly capture the essence of youth and the realization of growing older.

What a fitting way to close out SXSW.

Listen here.

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