Sunday, November 30, 2008

OU Heads to the Big 12 Title Game.

It looks like the BCS computers have determined that Oklahoma will go to the Big 12 title game, regardless of the fact that they were beaten by Texas in October. I have to say this time that i'm happy with the confusing BCS computing this time. I know this will get me tarred and feathered in these parts.
I'm from Oklahoma. Don't want to live there. That's why I moved here. But, i've always been an OU fan, and I can't shake that loyalty. I will root for Texas against anybody else but Oklahoma.
If Oklahoma beats Missouri in the title game, it will guarantee them a berth in the national championship game. If they lose, Texas may still have a chance to play for the championship. And in that case, I will be behind them 100 percent. But for now?
Go Sooners!

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