Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is Winona Thievin' Again?

Convicted of shoplifting in 2001, embattled actress Winona Ryder is in the headlines once again. This time, it involves the whereabouts of a diamond encrusted bracelet and ring loaned to her for a Marie Claire event.
Ryder says that she handed the items over to staff at her Madrid hotel for safe keeping. According to The Daily Mail, the hotel denies any involvement in the transaction, stating that they have no surveillance footage of the actress handing over the jewels to staff.
Bulgari, the company who owns the diamonds, allegedly called the police when they learned that the diamonds were missing.
Ryder appeared the picture of health at the Marie Claire event, a stark contrast to the state she was in upon arriving at London's Heathrow Airport a day earlier. She collapsed twice on the flight, due to an apparent tranquilizer overdose.
Oh, Winona.

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