Thursday, March 19, 2009

SXSW: Day One

Yesterday was a half day for me. I had to work until about 4:30.
I quickly headed downtown and stood in a 45 minute line to get my wrist band. I wondered to myself why I didn't get my lazy ass down there on Tuesday to pick it up. It's all hologram-y and fancy this year.
After that I headed to Beerland to meet up with my friend Susan who was finishing her shift up there. I wanted to catch The Vivian Girls at Red 7, but was too late. Luckily, they will be playing a million times, so I shouldn't have a problem seeing them. I had a beer and listened to a very heavy band called Endless Boogie.
We headed to the Fader Fort to check out the new location and have a few free adult beverages. Luckily, we both had gotten our wristbands on Tuesday because the line was long. I got to see B.o.B. there and was pleasantly surprised. They (he) were really good. The drummer was especially entertaining. I wanted to stay and check out Little Boots, but wanted to try to go to the M. Ward/Dept. of Eagles showcase at the church. We ducked into Headhunter's and caught the end of Hacienda. I would like to see more of them.
When we approached the church, we saw a long line of badges and decided we would skip that one. There are so many good bands playing that waiting in a long line for an hour isn't worth it. Although, I was sad to miss M. Ward. Maybe i'll venture over the river to see him for free at Auditorium Shores tonight.
Next up were Cut Off Your Hands on Sixth Street. They were fun. Nice melodies and very tight. We watched some guys rock out on Rock Band and then headed to Stubbs to check out Heartless Bastards and the Decemberists. I was torn between seeing the Decemberists, Blind Pilot and School of Seven Bells, who were all playing at midnight.
Heartless Bastards were really good. I think that Erika Wennerstrom's vocals translate well in a live setting. Plus, they rocked. Nice and high energy. The Avett Brothers were up next. I like some of their stuff, but it kind of made me sleepy. Maybe it was the beer and the bbq sandwich that I ate, I don't know.
This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't care. I though The Decemberists set was kind of boring, at least the first thirty minutes. I loved "The Crane Wife" and i'm sure I will love "The Hazards of Love," their new one performed in its entirety last night. But for some reason, it just wasn't doing it for me. I later heard some commentary on NPR saying that they thought the first half was boring, but got exponentially better. I guess I should've stayed, but I couldn't do it.
We headed over to The Beauty Bar and caught the last few notes of The Parenthetical Girls and then over to Club Deville to hear Deer Tick. Although I liked what I heard, I was ready to head home and rest up for Thursday.
I heard the last couple of songs of The Decemberists set on my way home in the car. It sounded pretty good.
Today's agenda?
I'm meeting a friend at the Red Eyed Fly for a free bloody mary or two. There are so many parties, it's hard to choose. I want to check out School of Seven Bells at the Rhapsody Rocks party. Blind Pilot, K'NAAN, BLK JKS, Thao Nguyen at the NPR party at the Parish. I want to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at least once. Will probably head to the Paste Party to see them at 12:45. And of course, to the Fader Fort to see Late of the Pier and Tricky.
Tonight, tentatively.
The Rural Alberta Advantage, Grizzly Bear at the Presbyterian church. Vivian Girls, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Wavves, BLK JKS, Max Tundra, Passion Pit, Blind Pilot, and more.
Off for another mind-blowing, feet-hurting day!

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