Monday, March 2, 2009

Micah P. Hinson "Beneath the Rose"

With a thousand things to do today, I still find myself immersed in all things SXSW. I discovered a new resource on the SCHED SXSW blog for finding information and music from the SXSW bands this year.

Paul's SXSW Artist catalogue is a neatly organized site that allows you to browse artists by popularity or hotness factor, among other things. Beneath each artist is a brief description, culled from, and links to the artists' work on, youtube and flicker. If you like what you hear, you can even add the artist to your own personal SXSW schedule via the SCHED link.

This is how I discovered Micah P. Hinson's song "Beneath the Rose" on youtube. This song, which apparently isn't available any where in the U.S., is achingly beautiful.

Check out Micah's official showcase at The Radio Room on Friday at 9pm.

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