Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Heart Sirius XMU

We subscribe to XM Radio at my place of employment. I haven't paid too much attention until we discovered channel 43, Sirius XMU. I think it came about as a result of their XM and Sirius' merger. It is an indie station that plays every song I love. Seriously. I could put my iPod on shuffle and get a lot of the same songs.

I especially love Josiah's show.

Will you marry me?

A sample playlist:

Ra Ra Riot - "Ghost Under Rocks"
Bon Iver - "Skinny Love"
Pinback - "Penelope"
LCD Soundsystem - "Time to Get Away"
Beck - "Orphans"
M83 - "Kim & Jessie"
Vampire Weekend - "M79"
The Walkmen - "Donde Esta La Playa"

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